Wednesday, May 9, 2012

VLV: Photo Summation I

Trust when I write that you do not want my babbling all written out to each photograph. Or else this post could go on...and on....and on.....and so forth. Due to the fact that I was helping a friend, many of my snaps are limited to the vendor area. Behold and enjoy.

What pretties!

On the hunt...

I love Kim's Shaheen dress!

If you did not purchase a dress from Sam of Daisy's Vintage, you're going to hell. Or Nebraska*. Same difference.

My awesome pal Scott. Keeping perverts away from me for over 15 years.

Pretty ladies helping balance out the ugly. You know there was plenty.

See caption above.

Holly, her beau, and a dapper friend.

If it were legal, I'd  clone them and make them my pets. They're that cute.

" ?! "

" Hahahah."
*Joke. No, really.

I will post details of my clothing and accessories later. I am currently too lazy to get up and walk to my "other house" to look for labels and such.

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