Monday, May 21, 2012

VLV: Photo Summation II

Kim in another sensational outfit.

No, I'm not drunk or high. I'm both, duh.

Adorable offerings from Boss Vintage.

Some more from Boss.

They always have a great assortment of everything!

Everyone looks better in low light...

This little bugger had the right idea!

There are already tons of car, band, and *enter random subject here* pictures from Viva on this here internut (that ain't no type-o). Knowing that in advance, I didn't bother to. Just some more randomness I happen to capture above.

I took so many other pictures over the course of the weekend but I rather not post them due to the subject matter i.e. "compromising situations".
As for my outfits: 
1950s Strapless Emma Domb Dress- eBay
Bakelite Cherry Necklace, carved stretch bracelet & earrings- gift from the spouse
Chanel Sunglasses- Nordstrom
Purses- flea market
Custom latex outfit- Oohlalatex
Guess Heels- Guess

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