Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is it sa-rong that I have so many?

To answer my own question: yes and no.

No, because these dresses are works of art. I love, care for, and admire my garments.

And yes. Well, maybe just for everyone else. Why? Because you'll probably have to pry these dresses out of my cold, dead hands. Once I get a new Hawaiian garment, the chance is nil that I'll ever part with it. I know.....sorry.**

For this group of dresses I've chosen to go with Alfred Shaheen sarong dresses. Love 'em, can't get enough of 'em. 'Nuff said. Enjoy.

*Apologies from the previous post apply.
**Revision. Kim Bombshell reminded me that I do sell. Generally at Viva and only doubles or non-Shaheens. I come across Shaheens that are better than the ones that I have and am willing to part with those.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Obsessed? Maybe a little...

I think I should start this entry with a few apologies. 1: Sorry for the crummy pictures. I took them with my iPhone. 2: The form I used to show off my items sucks. I got it this past weekend at a yard sale. Not the best but it works. 3: The lighting is very no bueno. I am renovating a small home into my personal boutique, if you will. A lamp is all I have to illuminate the main room for now. 4: The styling. I know, non-existent. 

Whining over.

Before I look like a nut with too much money to spend on clothes, a little background on myself. Growing up, clothes was near the very bottom of where  money was allocated. I wore hand-me-downs, borrowed from my sister, or clothes that was bought for me for birthdays and such. Around the time I got to middle school, I was given an allowance of sorts and saved and got to pick my own clothes. Mall clothes was a little out of my budget but noticed that a lot of my elderly neighbors had yard sales and sold clothes that was not bad looking and cheap. A win-win.  Little did I know that 'old clothes' would become my personal obsession and investment.

Not to be a snob but I have amassed a large collection of Hawaiian clothing.  Since I can't decide on how to go about it at once, I've decided to break it into small batches. The first are Alfred Shaheen sundresses.  Enjoy this first part of the Master Printers work.