Sunday, January 27, 2013

Is it sa-rong that I have so many?

To answer my own question: yes and no.

No, because these dresses are works of art. I love, care for, and admire my garments.

And yes. Well, maybe just for everyone else. Why? Because you'll probably have to pry these dresses out of my cold, dead hands. Once I get a new Hawaiian garment, the chance is nil that I'll ever part with it. I know.....sorry.**

For this group of dresses I've chosen to go with Alfred Shaheen sarong dresses. Love 'em, can't get enough of 'em. 'Nuff said. Enjoy.

*Apologies from the previous post apply.
**Revision. Kim Bombshell reminded me that I do sell. Generally at Viva and only doubles or non-Shaheens. I come across Shaheens that are better than the ones that I have and am willing to part with those.


  1. Beautiful collection!! Thank you for sharing. I love the print with the Hawaiian islands.

  2. Again...I fricking love you Mar! And you totally lie. I have seen you part with one or two...only because you had doubles ;-)

  3. greatest collections of hawaiian dresses i've ever seen. awesome.

  4. I have that same red dress. The second red one you show. Its missing its sash though. I'd be upset but I only paid $30 for it so its ok. Love your collection!!